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Where to start?

I guess I’ll start by stating the obvious:  I’m new to this blogging thing.  All things tech and social media are my husbands domain.  I consider myself new to the blogging world.  I only started reading blogs about six months ago.  At first I was looking for other baby loss mom’s to help me not feel alone.  Now I read all sorts of blogs, there’s something addictive about it.  Which has now lead to me starting On Pins and Needles.  Most of my posts will be random, as is life.

Why On Pins and Needles?

Recently I discovered how much my life reflects this idiom “on pins and needles.”  I’m a sewer/crafter, nurse, patient and survivor of infant loss.  Sometimes life comes together beautifully and sometimes it has a sharp unpleasant point.  I hope to share all of these moments. Enjoy!

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